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angel 41A dark urban expressionism has been shaped by a sense of deep history and the pathos of its passing. Lines are stabbed, scratched and scrawled, sporadic energy and violent brush strokes overlap half erased layers and take on new tortured forms which evolve into psychologically charged dreamscapes.

Graffiti-like strokes surface into view, fragments of old torn paste ups reveal damaged souls lurking beneath. The work amounts to a form of Abstract Expressionism with a raucous energy of the streets where past and present violently collide in a new demonic language.

The paintings exist between representation and abstraction, shot through with suggestions and glimmerings of recognisable form. The cryptic intensity of angel 41's art stems from the artist's passions and fears, his aspirations and his anxieties. The humanity of his art is both touching and profound. It investigates the notions of time and of experience and finds a tension between exuberance and melancholy.

He has reinvented his own manner of painting to produce a brutal vision imbued with apocalyptic overtones and deep rooted urban decay, which flirts with a fatal confessional character of raw energy and feeling.



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  © angel 41 : slowly sucking the vapour out of cloud cuckoo land
Angels drip from rorschach skies, dropped stitches falling without trace.
Paint clouds gather above industrial horizons, naked tie-dye torso's form a godlike face.
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