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angel 41 Dreaming up unique, twisted concepts, angel 41 visually communicates his view of the world across many ongoing collections. This ability to explore new avenues in which to express his vision, keeps his ever growing body of work in a state of flux.

Melting shadows are cast across surreal urban landscapes which are populated by mutants, demons, psycho's, working class heroes and damaged souls. The lines between grim reality and narcotic fuelled fantasy have perished, causing chaos and destruction.

Outcasts, taggers and free runners constantly battle to keep their heads above black waters, which seek only to drown their spirits and suppress their fight. Flowers turn into stone monuments, whilst cockroaches wait in the shadows for the human race to implode. Perpetual rain falls from the heavens through rorschach clouds and onto a never ending battle between good and evil. New forces are rising from the streets, where the blood of innocents runs through liquid LSD.

The tears of angels fall through obsidian skies and mutate into acid rain drops. Guardian angels are sent down to fight the spawning evil that is eating away at the souls of men. Corrupt angels are banished to earth on a journey of repentance and redemption, to exorcise their ethical demise, where supermodels form armies and androids dream of electric hookers.

A dark mirror lies within this parallel land, mocking the artists existence in a world gone mad. This is a psychological journey through the human condition.

The asylum doors are open...


asylum gate

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  © angel 41 : slowly sucking the vapour out of cloud cuckoo land
Angels drip from rorschach skies, dropped stitches falling without trace.
Paint clouds gather above industrial horizons, naked tie-dye torso's form a godlike face.
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