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angel 41 : elemental

urban art

angel 41At the heart of angel 41's world is a cracked mirror reflecting modern urban life. Rich, dark textures combine with dripping brush strokes whilst half ripped figures torn from magazines collide with unrelated imagery to create warped, expressionistic hybrids.

The sheer energy and effusive use of texture and colour references an eclectic mix of street art, graffiti, and the natural decay of urban spaces. A frail human heart beats within these urban artefacts and a sense of isolation and psychological fragmentation is ever present.

There is an uneasy balance between order and chaos which reflects a society which is alien, isolating and insane. Twisted humour and stark emotion often lift these abstract works of expressionism from the brink of the abyss lurking below.

The artists ability to use a variety of media at his disposal combined with a passion to experiment through mark making and abstract thought sets him apart from many artists working in the urban art movement. The world is slowly waking up to the artists warped vision, brutally shot through blood stained glasses.

Although these works have a dark soul, it is a darkness born out of tragedy and mental trauma rather than pure evil. This darkness is present throughout the artists entire body of work which also manages to laugh back at a world gone mad, pulling at the cord of an insane doll.

Each piece of work is a cell within an infinite asylum. Deranged parts of a fractured, psychological jigsaw scattered around the globe.


urban art

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  © angel 41 : slowly sucking the vapour out of cloud cuckoo land
Angels drip from rorschach skies, dropped stitches falling without trace.
Paint clouds gather above industrial horizons, naked tie-dye torso's form a godlike face.
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